Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

The Thicket People Magic Shop !

*Hello There* 

it has been months to post some news about our "Thicket´s Magic Stuff"...oh busy days we had! But there are so many NEWS about our magic Witches/Wizard´s/Gnomes accessories !
This new blog ,is made only for all that tiny handmade stuff we made...and for showing what we have made in Past !
Its very excited to present you our newest tiny magic things ! We created a new Background,a shopfront to show you how magic all that tiny accessories can look at your 1:12 dollhouse (Garden,Shop,House etc)
At the moment I am hard working to load all that please take a look each time,Pictures will be here a lot soon!



...yes...they are knitted by hand ! Arn´t they cool and colorful?!? has been a lot of time to make each single sock, but worth to make! they fit perfect on a 1/12th scale witchy or wizard! 
what need they more than warm and cosy autumn ?

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

...knitted by hand

...witches Mouse-grey Cardigan...knitted by hand,with 0,5 mm made tiny wooden  toggles and real leather trimmings...WEARABLE !